Last pieces of life in Instagram pics

1. ready for my first day at the beach   2. ranunculus and lavender for my house  3. my coral nailpolish  4. breakfast with Mies  5. ready for the last MA post  6. during the MA post shooting  7.8. Drawing the Neue Wache by Schinkel  9. night in Torre a mare  10. Santa Maria del fiore puzzle

Last pieces of life according to my Instagram pics

1. new bracialets

2. sunshine at Fede’s birthday party

3. 4. streeart near Polytechnic of Bari

5. new shoes by La Edo

6. attention I’m jealous!

7. streetart in Corso B. Croce

8. projecting architectures

9. breakfast at Carlone bar

10. my sea

11. happy hour at Carlone bar

12. Silvia’s sweet table

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